Big Boy BBQ

Enjoy Big Boy BBQ’S mouth watering sauces.

To recreate Big Boy’s flavours at home, our sauce bottles are available for purchase.

Dorothy’s Dream

Kansas style bbq sauce

The best BBQ Sauce in the world! (we really think so). This sauce goes with everything, even desserts. You should never be without this sauce in your life. Like Dorothy, you will think you are back in Kansas. Click your heels 3 times and this sauce can be yours!

Hot Boy

Spicy BBQ Sauce

Keep this one away from the kids! So hot, it’s like a night in HELL! This is the sauce that you want when you need to spice up your life. The spice will last for days!

Pucker Up Carolina

Vinegar BBQ Sauce

When is vinegar more than just plain vinegar? Pucker Up is the tastiest vinegar sauce this side of the Carolinas. Perfect for those rich meats like lamb and pork but is also fantastic on your chips.

V.D.M. Rib Sauce

Braai-BQ Style Glaze

Sticky ribs, tasty burgers, scrumptious steaks, cheaper chicken. THE finishing glaze for everything meat and don’t forget the veggies. Braai is the South African word for BBQ, do it in the real Van Der Merwe style!

Big Salad

House Dressing

Turn any salad into a Big Boy salad. It is our secret ingredient in the potato salad and has been a family secret vinaigrette recipe since the dinosaurs danced with the dodos.

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